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Challenge Group offers full consultancy, broking, underwriting and management services to the insurance and reinsurance industry. Challenge Group was established in 2007.

The CEO has over 50 years of continuous experience in the industry sector and is supported by a well-experienced team. Challenge Group Inc offer a wide range of services including general consultancy, actuarial support, the establishment of and management services for offshore companies and captives, risk management, product design, insurance and reinsurance broking and underwriting services, legal advice pertaining to the Russian market, Arbitration and Mediation.


An additional specialist area is product design for all forms of agricultural business including continuing research, original pricing, policy forms, claims advice and assistance with the placement of reinsurance needs. Offices and associated offices in Moscow, London, Labuan, St. Petersburg, Osaka and Nicosia.

Offshore management services, broking and underwriting services are based Labuan where the company is registered and regulated by the Labuan FSA. The company's head office is situated in Labuan.

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