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AirSPitality Wine Tasting

9 September 2021

What an unbridled joy it was to see Members and their guests at our “Not the Monte Carlo
Rendez-Vous” Wine Tasting Evening on 9 September with our friends at the Wine Library! I’m
tempted to rename it “Now That’s What I Call Networking!” since all those attending seemed to
take the fullest advantage of the opportunity to explore opportunities, chew the fat, reminisce
and get back together - not forgetting enjoying some cheese and charcuterie, and learn about the
selected wines.

We had a full house, and Members and guests were in cracking form: a real fillip to business life
enduring Covid lag. I was truly impressed with the reaction I’ve had back from everyone, who
obviously thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity the event presented. Thanks to all those organising
and attending. It was, in my humble opinion, a huge success!

Watch out now for further details of our traditional Charity Quiz and Christmas AirSPitality Drinks.
If any Members have topics they’d like us to feature at future events, just get in touch with any
Board Member.

The Wine Tasting, of course, followed the AGM. Look out shortly for the Minutes.”

Robert Harrison


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