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Code of Practice


  • Members shall act at all times with the highest standards of professional competence, integrity, skill, due care and diligence.

  • Members shall have effective management controls in place in order to organise and control its internal affairs in a responsible manner.

  • Members shall comply with all statutory regulators and other professional trade associations ensuring they abide by all relevant law, rules and regulations.

  • Members shall have effective arrangements in place to ensure that staff are suitable, trained and properly supervised.

  • Members shall aim at all times to treat clients fairly. Members will never deliberately put themselves in a position where their interest, or their duty to another party for whom they act, prevents then from discharging their duty to you. Members shall maintain internal procedures and controls to identify and manage any potential conflicts so that at all times the interest of the client are protected.

  • Members shall clearly state the cost of all services and fees before the client becomes liable to pay them. Where members do not know the cost in advance they will clearly state how they will be calculated.

  • Members will respect the confidentiality of all information received.

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